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TPG - L Plate Set with fittings
Colour: n/a
Sizes: n/a
Price: £ 3.99      Ref: 4082

image shows TPG L Plate Set with fittings

L Plate Set for Motorcycle or Scooter; Sticky Front and Rigid Rear Plate with Fittings. What you are buying: 1 x Self adhesive front L Plate 1 x...

Oxford - HD Chain
Colour: n/a
Sizes: 1 metre
Price: £ 29.99      Ref: 4074

image shows Oxford HD Chain

The Oxford HD chain offers economy with security. It meets the industry standard known as Sold Secure. Hardened against bolt cutters, with a multi-tumbler key ...


TPG - Rigid L Plate
Colour: White with Red
Sizes: Standard
Price: £ 2.39      Ref: 4057

image shows TPG Rigid L Plate

This is a standard sized, rigid L plate, virtually unbreakable. Suitable for rear of motiorbike or scooter, or on front of motorbike when a suitable fork clip i...